Wonderful Times Pass Quickly

Wonderful Times Pass Quickly

Hala from Jordan, Summer Semester 2016

Hello everyone,

My name is Hala Naji; I am an exchange student from German Jordanian University in Jordan. And in our university it is mandatory that we should spend our fourth year in Germany as an exchange student in one of the German universities for the first five months and as interns in the next five months.

I was accepted in RheinAhrCampus in Remagen, for the summer semester of 2016. Before I came to Germany I was thinking that this might be the worst year of my life, because I wouldn’t live with my family and I should be more responsible and independent, because I have to do everything by my own, and in Germany there are a lot of rules and regulations that we should follow. However, once I arrived to Germany and started my journey there everything got changed. I met a lot of international students in addition to my friends from my home university and we became a family. I get used to calling them my “second family” - we always hang out together and celebrate each other’s birthdays so they made my life happier and easier in Remagen. Moreover, the Sprachen/Internationales office was very qualified and helpful. They are always there for us. They helped us and explained everything for us.

In Germany I have gained a lot of experience, I had the chance to work with refugees from different countries in the International Business Simulation course, also, we celebrated “Ramadan” the holy month together with them in addition to “my second family”. Also, I get more in touch with Germans and know them more: they are strict but they are friendly and helpful. Also, now I get familiar with the train system in Germany and the other European countries since we don’t have trains in Jordan.

Moreover, I gained a lot of experience related to my specialty “International Accounting“, I had learned a lot of terms that will help me during my internship in the next months. Also, I improved my German language which is something very important for me.

This semester was the fastest semester in my life, as we said “the wonderful times pass quickly”, but I had a new family, friends, and unforgettable memories in RheinAhrCampus, and beautiful, cosy Remagen. Also, I am so happy because I had changed people’s minds about Hijabi girls and Islam.