Fixing Bikes and Making Friends

Fixing Bikes and Making Friends

  • Omar

Omar from Jordan, Winter Semester 2012/2013

Before coming to RheinAhrCampus, I had my stereotypes about Germans, how they live and how they interact with students from other countries, but I am so glad I had this experience, because it was like a wakeup call, the experience that broke up all my stereotypes.

The people here are very friendly and welcoming, students and locals opened up to internationals alike. You are always able to find someone to help you no matter what kind of situation you are facing, you just have to ask them and they will rush to your help, whether your bike has broken down in the middle of the street, or you were just looking for the bakery shop, you can always count on people to point you to the right direction. I made many friends when my bike broke down, because everybody wanted to help me to fix it.

The greatest asset of this campus to be honest was the team Languages / International Affairs. They are very qualified and very helpful to all the internationals. When I compare my experience with the experiences of other students in other universities, I can always notice the difference, even though these people study in universities with ringing names, but when it comes to the actual help they get when they need it, these places don’t live up to the expectations, but when it comes to Remagen, you can expect the team to help you with everything from finding an apartment, registering in the town hall, and even with academic courses: all you have to do is ask for help, and they will always be there for you.

The courses on campus are very diverse and very interesting, I advise all students to take “Intercultural Communications” in particular, because it will help you all understand all about Germany and Germans, and it will also help you understand your own culture better. Another piece of advice: follow up your courses and attend them all, because the international experience is not just about meeting new people and new cultures, but it is also learning something new academically.

There are always activities around campus, ranging from sport activities, movie and karaoke nights, field trips, and much more, there are many student clubs on campus so that you will always find something to do. The student parliament has really done a great job with providing students with all sorts of activities, just don’t be shy and go to the events, and you will surely meet new people.

My final advice to everyone: Be brave, try new things, and get this amazing experience, because I can assure you all, that after such an experience you will emerge a changed person, for the better of course.