Work, Study and Play at RheinAhrCampus

Work, Study and Play at RheinAhrCampus

Caitlin from Australia, Summer Semester 2010

My experience at RheinAhrCampus kept getting better throughout my second semester. I had old friends and I also met new ones, I knew my way around town, and I could finally chat politely with the staff at the stores and give directions to strangers. I felt like a local! (Almost).

I continued with the same general pattern of studying, being with friends and an internship at the international office but things never got boring! My work in the international office was always changing and it kept me on my toes. Some weeks were very busy and some weeks were not so busy, on one hand I was learning so much very quickly and then I could always get out into the sunshine for a run or a swim.

My areas of work ranged from helping to co-ordinate and run seminars and the campus’ International Week to updating a digital platform webpage with text and photos. I was also fortunate enough to be a teaching assistant. I got a lot of support (as with all other tasks as well) and I was able to formulate my own module and deliver it in class to students.

This internship gave me an incredible amount of experience and I am sure that future employer will be quite impressed at my resume.

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