The End of another Chapter

The End of another Chapter

Carsten from the Netherlands, Winter Semester 2012/2013

It really feels like yesterday that I arrived in Remagen and met everyone. Time has run pretty fast and to think that six months have already passed by is more than amazing. Here in Remagen I was known as “der deutsche Holländer”, which is German Dutchman, but somehow I felt just like one of the international students from far away countries.

One might say that Remagen is not exactly a hot spot, but as an international student willing to explore the area we managed to do quite a lot, from helping out in the neighbourhood’s pet shelter, to going out in Koblenz and in Cologne and my personal favourite going bowling in Bonn.

Seeing as I have spent the last three and a half years in the Netherlands I got quite used to the Dutch lifestyle, which also included the Supermarkets being open on Sundays! Here in Germany they are closed on Sundays, which meant that in the beginning I used to get up on Sunday morning and by the time I got to the Supermarket I remembered it was closed ….that of course meant that Sunday quickly became my fast-food Sunday.

All in all I enjoyed my time in Remagen and am thankful for the great international experience, but every good story has to come to an end and so I am also looking forward to beginning my BA thesis and finally finishing off my studies and closing this chapter called university life.