Life In Remagen!

Life In Remagen!

Yuri from Korea, Summer Semester 2017

Big and nothing easy. It was my first impression of Germany. I want to start this report with my first arrival day in Remagen. One day in March, I arrived in Cologne-Bonn airport and tried to get to Remagen according to my buddy’s information. However, the train schedules were mishmash due to delay and everything I heard was unfamiliar language. Moreover my mobile phone turned off because of battery. Some people helped me to get on the train but they told me wrong directions and unfortunately I could not meet my buddy in Remagen station that night. I wandered around Remagen with two big luggage in deep night. From that time, I thought that life in Germany would be not easy.

Small and simple. It was my first impression of RheinAhrCampus. When I arrived at RheinAhrCampus, I was surprised that the size of the university was too small. Compare to my home university, the whole campus is not bigger than one department’s building in my home university. Therefore, I thought that it would be easy and simple to study in here and I could spend much more relaxed campus life here.

After one semester in Germany, especially in RheinAhrCampus, however, I realized that my first impressions were incorrect. This country is big but something easy, and this campus is small but well-organized. Still living in Germany is uneasy for me because of the language and cultures. However, I could adapt to here thanks to many kind people and well-developed systems. Also, I felt that this campus is super good to make new friends, get familiar with new circumstances, and get knowledge. Compare to my friends who are also spending times in Germany but in another university, I could spend more time with new friends from all around the world and there were more events to experience Germany or other countries during the semester like International Week and Soccer cup in Bonn.

I am really proud of myself about my short life in Remagen. There were many difficulties at the first but I learned how to manage those difficulties and how to be better beyond those difficulties. I am sure that my life became very internationalized and fertile with memories in RheinAhrCampus.