What an Experience!

What an Experience!

Elvin from Azerbaijan, Winter Semester 2017/18

Hello everyone, I am Elvin Avazzada and I am from Azerbaijan. I am studying and doing my internship already for 5 months at RheinAhrCampus. I am so happy for being here. Now, let me tell you the greatest experience in my life.

Before coming to Germany, I was thinking that Germans are cold and rude but everything changed when I came here. I was lost, I couldn’t find a metro station but everybody helped me to find the right way to Remagen, at that moment all the stereotypes were ruined. The first experience about Germany was impressive.

It was the first time for me to live in a very small place. All the fancy houses and little gardens look amazing here. My house is located next to Rhein River and I see a spectacular landscape from my window every day.  This is the best feeling ever. Beautiful landscapes, morning runs, old people riding their bikes makes me think that I am in a dream. I have never seen this before. Another interesting thing is that every shop closes very early. At the beginning it was weird but now I am getting used to this.

Remagen is located near cities like Bonn, Cologne, and Koblenz. A semester ticket gives me an opportunity to travel there for free. These cities are different from Remagen, they are very big. I really enjoy walking in Cologne and Bonn and listening to street songs. The most amazing place that I have ever seen is Cologne Cathedral which is known as “Kölner Dom”. It is an impressive artwork. I also visited Linz and Frankfurt. I am planning to visit other German cities soon.

Living in Germany gave me opportunity to travel in Europe. I visited Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, and Slovakia. These were amazing days, everything was awesome!

RheinAhrCampus is a spectacular university because of professional stuff. All of them have the great experience in their own fields. I am also doing my internship here. It is the best opportunity to develop my skills. Courses are very interesting, after classes I sometimes play football with my international and German friends.

Since coming to Germany, I made a lot of friends from various countries. Now, I have friends from South Korea, Georgia, Spain, Portugal, Jordan, Netherland, Italy, Canada, and the USA. Communicating with them helps me to improve my language skills and learn a lot about different cultures. I hope that I will visit all these countries in the future. I will wait for them to come to Azebaijan.

I would like to thank everyone. Erasmus experience is awesome!