What a Semester

What a Semester

  • Tehlia

Tehlia from Australia, Winter Semester 2012/2013


The last six months at RheinAhrCampus have been jammed with awe-inspiring experiences and filled with endless amounts of opportunities. Throughout my semester, there was an abundant amount of adventures, memories, experiences, challenges and making new friends, all of which I will never forget!

Having the opportunity to study in Germany, and especially at RheinAhrCampus, goes to the very top of my list of “best decisions”. I have thoroughly enjoyed the variety in the subjects and I believe I am furthering my skills in different areas. The teaching styles are also very different from what I have experienced in Australia.. I like it better!

The decision to come to Germany was a bit rushed for me, and I never thought my decision would have such a life-changing result. Not only did I move halfway across the world, but my life moved with me. Living here in Remagen now has become my new life… I have new classes, new friends, a new language and a new way of living.

One challenging aspect of Studying at RheinAhrCampus was the German language as I have found it very hard to master. One of my goals for this exchange was to learn the basics of German which was harder than I thought, so I am going to take an intensive course to help me, so eventually I will be able to formulate quick responses, or at least understand some words in a conversation.

REMAGEN, my home away from home, may not be the biggest city in Germany however walking through the beautiful, traditional, culture-rich streets you can see why people fall in love with this town, with glimpses of the stunning Rhine from between the rustic buildings. As I am a surfer and lived near the beach my whole life, it’s nice to know there is some sort of water nearby. However, do not swim in there! The currents are dangerous. There is so much opportunity to travel. Living in Germany has given me the chance to visit a long list of countries including Netherlands, Czech Republic and Luxembourg. I also enjoyed travelling within Germany – BERLIN is an astonishing city that I cannot wait to see again.

Lastly, the team of Languages/International Affairs are better than awesome, they are always available and ready to solve your problems or answer your questions. From finding apartments to lending me a lamp they are always there and ready to help! All in all, Remagen will always be my home away from home and RheinAhrCampus my university away from university…. And because I’m not ready to leave this stunning town just yet, I have enrolled for another semester to create more memories, overcome more challenges and hopefully start speaking in German!

Auf Wiedersehen!