I'm happy I made the right Choice

I'm happy I made the right Choice

Lukas from Lithuania, Winter Semester 2012/2013

Actually I have never been interested too much in the Erasmus program. Even when I got a place I was still considering if I should go or not. It was really hard to leave everything behind and go to a new, unknown country. But I did it and I AM HAPPY THAT I MADE A GOOD CHOICE. Right now I have totally changed my mind. Erasmus is best program for students ever. I never thought that I would enjoy my time in Germany so much. All students should use the opportunity and study in a foreign country.

It was really easy for me to adapt to my new environment. People in Germany are very friendly, helpful and kind. If they see that something is wrong with you they offer help. I still remember when we had trouble with trains and one man without asking guided us. I lived in the dormitory together with Erasmus and regular students. Everybody is very friendly. If you need something, don’t be shy to ask German students, because they always lend a hand.

I really enjoyed classes in RheinAhrCampus. All my classes were in English. I was quite happy to get all courses in English, since I didn’t know any words in German before arrival. During courses I enriched my English language skills. Moreover RheinAhrCampus English courses are very interesting. I especially enjoyed the Intercultural Communication class, because all theory in this class is put immediately to practice.

I am very happy that I have chosen Remagen and RheinAhrCampus. I had a really nice time there. Hope to come back here some day!