What I get when I sum up everything

What I get when I sum up everything

Giedre from Lithuania, Summer Semester 2014

So, my exchange student programme is going to end. I tried to summarize everything. And this challenge has many advantages.

To start with, I really liked modules and lectures here. All modules were so exciting, that I enjoyed studying. I got a huge amount of knowledge about languages, cultural differences, business and other topics related to my specialization. All that knowledge you can also use in daily life which is even worth more. So for this side I was impressed the most. However, I did not get this all new skills without the lecturers. They were really friendly and helpful. Every time you want to ask or clarify something, they find time for you and explain everything in simple examples.

Secondly, I was impressed about my student card opportunities. It is not just a simple card that you can use to buy lunch, but also you can travel for free to bigger cities such as Cologne, Koblenz or Bonn. You can explore more with this card.

Thirdly, I had a real experience here. Many thankful words I should say to Dr. Borgmann. During his lectures we had the opportunity to become a manager in different business fields. I was one of them. I organized a Barbeque Party on International Day here at RheinAhrCampus. This helped me to improve my communication, organizing and of course my language skills. I took much responsibility on my shoulders, but I did not regret it. It was a real and wonderful experience. Also, many people liked it, so my self-confidence level increased. Now I will organize more events, if I have the opportunity.

Last but not least, I stayed in the dormitory. I was living alone in a room with a small kitchen and bathroom. Also, I had a small garden, which I enjoyed a lot during the good weather. This gave me an opportunity to understand how to live on my own and made me more independent and responsible. I am proud of this little change in my life.

To conclude, I liked this experience. In my opinion, every challenge can show you where you should improve your skills and lets you to learn from your mistakes. I am very happy that I chose to have my exchange semester here. If you are an active person, you will have much work here to do. Also, you find really interesting ways to spend your leisure time together with your homework stuff. Here you can achieve your own goals and see that you can do more than you expect.