A Great Experience

Oyunbileg from Turkey, Summer Semester 2012

I can remember my first day in Remagen. It seems like yesterday, however four months have passed already. In the beginning everything was new to me and I had a fear of loneliness. New country, new culture, new school, new system and new classmates. I met the other exchange students at school and we were three. We became very good friends, and I count myself very lucky that I met such nice guys!! We always travelled together to other cities with mentor students. I learned a lot during this semester at school and outside. Especially I learned many things from my friends who are from France and Hungary. For example: their culture, history, food etc. My friends cooked me their traditional cuisine. We really liked the Hungarian “Langosh”.

It was such a short semester to discover more new things! Because when I told about new things, I understand that there are many things which I have to discover!! One of my greatest experiences was the International Business Simulations course. In this course we simulated our company and worked on projects. I was the travel manager in this simulated company. I had the feeling of being a real “travel manager”. Because we did an excursion to Turkey (Izmir) and I had to organize everything around the trip and it was a great experience for me. This semester I was able to achieve many things which I can add into my CV!