German Working Style

German Working Style

Kamran from Azerbaijan, Winter Semester 2016/17

My semester here, started from 19th of September 2016 when I came first time to RAC. So from that day I started to learn new things during my studies and especially during my internship in the Department of Languages / International Affairs.

Being and working in a multicultural environment gave me a lot experience about working with different people who came from different cultures and also with different background. And also I learned here the German working style which I liked most, especially how they are well-organized, disciplined and precise.

Besides this I had a chance to visit and see real working conditions in some German companies here during excursions to companies. For example, my visit to Deutsche Telecom which is one of the biggest companies in the Germany gave me great impressions that maybe, in the future I can work in such a company.

My studies here gave me a lot information about business communication and especially International Business Simulations course gave me an extensive experience to organize and manage a company which was created by students during the course.

And I am also very thankful to RAC that during my studies here, I had an opportunity to learn and improve my German language due to the free German course and also one week intensive lessons by a Jordanian professor. However, I would like to have more German lessons during a week.

Besides all this experience I am happy that I met brilliant people like my professors, and people with whom I worked together and made good friendships. I am sure that 6 months which I spent here will be a good memory for the rest of my life and I believe all these experiences I gained at RAC will be very helpful in my future career.

I will miss RAC, especially the Sprachen/Internationales team and all my friends - exchange students and the people I met here.