I am not Sure How To Feel!

I am not Sure How To Feel!

Husniyya from Azerbaijan, Winter Semester 2017/18

I am Husniyya Huseynova, and I am from Azerbaijan. I am studying and doing my internship for almost five months at Rheinahrcampus. My semester in Germany was more than just a semester abroad: it was also my first experience abroad. I would like to share this great experience by writing this report.

When I arrived to Germany my first impression was very good, everything was surrounded by beautiful views. On the first day, I spent 4 hours in the train because I couldn’t find the right destination. It was very funny as I went to the same places for several times. Thanks to people, I found the city which I was going to live. People were extremely helpful and warm. It was a little bit surprising for me because I was thinking that Germans are generally cold people but they were friendly and funny, always trying to help me in everything.

Eventually, I was in Remagen, the city which was going to change many things in my mind. Remagen is a small and beautiful city. The city is surrounded by forests, nature and green areas. Homes here are built in the classic European architectural style, which does not exist in my country. Old buildings like towers, churches, and castles can be found in the town or in nearby cities. This is very historical place. The lifestyle is very quiet and peaceful.  At 8 in the evening, most of the shops in the city center are closed, and on Sunday everything is closed. It is unusual for me because in my country there are shops which work for 24 hours. Another big difference between Germany and my country is that people in Germany care more about the environment. They are separating garbage and recycling, we aren’t doing it in our country. The public transport system is also different in Remagen, buses run every one hour during the working days. You should call a taxi bus if you need it during the weekend.

My accommodation has a good location; it is close to the riverside and to a supermarket. I am usually using the bike to go to university. It takes me 10 min to go there. Remagen is located near cities like Cologne, Bonn, Sinzig, Lisa. Our semester ticket allows us to travel there for free. I love all these cities, especially Cologne. There are a lot of historical and exotic places that I enjoyed a lot. Going to European countries is cheaper here than in our country. That is the reason why I have already been in 8 countries (Belgium, Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, and Slovakia). Each of them has different stories and experiences; I can say a lot of thing about them.

My university- Rheinahrcampus is a very nice and well-ranked university that provides students with opportunities to meet people from all over the world. The lifestyle on the campus is quite lovely, classrooms are well-equipped, and the cafeteria offers many different types of foods and drinks. We also have a volleyball stadium on the campus, it is perfect for spending time with friends after classes. Moreover, the teachers are very good, they knew a lot about the subjects, that they teach and are always very respectful and friendly. They are so professional. It was easy to see that they enjoyed teaching. They always support us to be more active. They have the biggest roles in my improvement. We are also doing a lot of practical exercises during the courses and they are improving our skills. For example, in Business English 3, we were taking a project and were managing it. As a result, it helped me to improve my leading skills. In conclusion, I would like to thank especially Erasmus+, and everyone who supported me to come here and everyone who was part of this great experience, which allowed me to meet people from all over the world. Now, I have the great experience and also a lot of international friends. I would like to say that my study abroad in Germany was one of the best semesters of my life. I have only one month left here, I really don't know how to feel.