Germany is really different!

Islam from Jordan, Winter Semester 2021/2022

Hallo Leute,
My name is Islam from German Jordanian University in Jordan. I am a Logistics student currently doing my Semester at Hochschule Koblenz RheinAhrCampus, Remagen as a mandatory requirement in my bachelor's degree.
My experience started with the train trips and buses. I landed in Frankfurt on the weekend to take a train from Frankfurt to Cologne and then to Bonn. I had to stay at a hotel for two days in Königswinter. I spent a most unforgettable time in that city. I went hiking the second day to Löwenburg. Then I went to Bonn Beuel to get the keys to my single apartment. The apartment owner welcomed me with pleasant smiles and guided me to the post, basement, and others. You’re probably wondering that as a foreign student how did I know how to manage the first couple of days in Europe easily? Yes, it wasn’t that difficult for me as I was familiar with all the public transportation and that’s because I had to travel to Europe for work when I did my internship with an international company. I traveled two times to UK and Germany to attend fairs and conferences, through that time I learned many things. International experience wasn't that new for me because I had to meet and deal with different nationalities in my workplace. But Germany is really different!

I took the chance to travel to Europe for fun. I traveled not only within Germany but also outside of Germany. I got in touch with other international students from Brazil, India, Greece, Georgia, Albania. The first two months with them were full of parties and gatherings. The excursions were my best time with them. At Oktoberfest I spent my best time with the international students at Baracke in Remagen, I Joined Germans to play Beer Pong and danced with a Georgian friend in the middle of the crowd. Actually, I did expect to live unforgettable and even more energetic experiences, especially on festivals days and New Year’s. However, not everything was as I expected, that is because of the pandemic that all people around the world are suffering from.

Innovation and sustainability were the concepts that most of my courses focused on. Therefore, I gained a good level of knowledge to implement sustainability into my routine life and future business as a social responsibility towards my country.  
My experience had its ups but also its downs. The hard times helped me grow up and move away from my comfort zone to gain maturity and independence. Being away in a foreign country had a powerful effect on my maturing process. Because I started to manage my own money, making decisions that give me more confidence and make me more independent and autonomy to take care of myself. Also, I became more tolerant of other people, different cultures, and different personalities. I used to be irresponsible for all household chores; cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, and doing the laundry. Now I’m doing all of that by myself.

Lastly, I would like to thank each person who added a piece of information into my knowledge within my journey. And many thanks to the people that were always there to help me: Selsela Arya, Omar Alhelal, Rabee Jarrar, Elene Mikeladze and my buddy Mona Winter.