216000 Life-Changing Minutes

216000 Life-Changing Minutes

Nana from Georgia, Winter Semester 2017/18

I am Nana Bibileishvili, 21-year-old exchange student from Georgia (small country in Caucasus, not the USA).

Being an exchange student for me is overcoming cultural challenges, learning riding bike, improving foreign languages, traveling, making new friends, enhancing knowledge and being full of energy at the same time.

The stereotype that German people are cold and unfriendly was destroyed as soon as I came to Remagen.  Probably no one will believe that the girl who I met only twice gave me furniture for my empty room for free. She even helped me to carry a huge cupboard to my house. This was unbelievable, I did not even know how to thank her.

Studying at RheinAhrcampus gave me opportunity to attend the courses that are more practical than they are in my country. I will never forget “Managing Cultural Diversity”, weekend seminar that completely changed my perspective of life.  When you are in the room with people from 22 different countries, no one is interested in gender, culture, ethnic, status or age. In this case, the only thing that really matters is to be able to communicate; you don’t even think of making grammatical mistakes, content becomes more important. “International Business Simulation” helped me to learn how international companies work in a real life.  This course gave me opportunity to become a better person. You will never learn real problems of refugees and homeless people by only reading some news from the internet. Being able to talk with them and making their lives more colorful was the best experience ever! I will also never forget the lecturer from Canada and the course “Special Aspects of Marketing”. Since learning some interesting theories of popular culture, I always pay attention to graphite and its content while I am traveling.

Amsterdam, Brussels, Como, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Budapest, Paris, Frankfurt, Cologne, Bonn, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Koblenz were the cities that I visited during these 5 months. I am sure you were tired while reading but I just could not write “so on” instead of some cities because all of them are associated with the wonderful memory. (WARNING: Traveling makes you addicted. As soon as you start to travel, you will not be able to stop).

I can not believe that I will leave Germany in a month. This was an unforgettable semester.

Thank you Sprachen/Internationales for giving me this opportunity!