The Best of Two Worlds

The Best of Two Worlds

Hadeel from Jordan, Winter Semester 2013/2014

It has been the biggest and the best decision I have made in my life to be a student at the German Jordanian University. The best part about it is experiencing the best of two worlds, staying home for three years and then going abroad for a fourth year. I am having the time of my life now in Germany.

Even though when I first came here I was afraid of change and of the new environment, the process of adapting in Germany has been smooth. I got to experience the language in every situation, which made my German improve. What also made the process smooth is the semester ticket. Remagen is a small city with not much to do, but we were given a semester ticket to go to Bonn, Koblenz and Cologne for free. I tried to take advantage of that and see the other cities as much as possible because I knew at some point this semester was going to end and I would have to move away. Remagen is a beautiful city. The sight and the smell of nature here made me feel fresh. I have been living in a city my whole life and here it was different. It was calm. And when I missed the city life I would use the semester ticket to go get a little bit of excitement.

I also enjoyed the classes. It was hard to try to understand a foreign language in a major class but I managed it pretty well. I kept reading and mostly translating to keep up with the class. I got to meet German friends who were friendly enough to help me study and do my projects. In addition, the Mensa had pretty good food. I ate there a couple of times but then I decided that I should start cooking. The fire alarm went off once but everything was okay! I am now a better cook.

Moreover, I love how easy transportation is here. A person can go to any city they want whenever they want without much thought. I have been told that I visited more German cities than Germans themselves. I also traveled to Paris and Italy for vacation and they were also beautiful cities and countries.

This semester abroad opened my eyes and definitely broadened my horizon. I am now more aware and more familiar with my surroundings and after 5 months I can tell you that I got used to this lifestyle. I believe that experience makes people what they are today and I am looking forward to see how this experience will shape me.