Professional Skills in English and German

Professional Skills in English and German

Katalin from Hungary, Summer Semester 2012

My name is Kata Perjesi, and I'm from Hungary. When I began my master studies there, I decided to do an internship abroad. I choose Germany and RheinAhrCampus, but I didn't know what to expect. I had already heard many things about Germans, about their punctuality, preciseness, so I was very excited about working at a university in Germany. And in the end it turned out that this was one of my best decisions in my life.

I remember the first days, when everything was new for me, but from the very beginning I felt at home here. Everybody at RheinAhrCampus was friendly and helpful and I had the impression that I was becoming part of a professional team.

When I started working here, I decided to grab every opportunity to learn as much as possible, take part in many things and try out new things. It was a great challenge to work in English and in German at the same time, but after a while I got used to it. I worked a lot with PhotoShop and with an online teaching platform, called "Moodle" and I had to learn these things. I worked in classes, and encouraged students to go abroad for an exchange semester or for an internship. I also helped to organize big events, like the International Week at the Campus, and I had the opportunity to travel with some students to Turkey to an Intensive Seminar as part of a course. I also contributed to the podcast Absolutely Intercultural, twice.

I didn't expect to learn so many things during one semester, but I can say that I'm much more able to work professionally now, and I developed my skills a lot. It was a very useful time for me professionally and personally as well. I had lots of work experiences, but I had the chance to travel and to make friends. It was a wonderful time and I cannot believe it has come to an end. I hope I will come back one day, and meet these nice people, who made my stay so great! Thanks to all who helped, taught and encouraged me.

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