It's all about diversity

It's all about diversity

David from Hungary, Summer Semester 2010

An exchange semester at RheinAhrCampus: It’s all about diversity…

…a diversity of students: RAC is a pretty international campus, despite its size, and I met students of rather different interests, age groups etc.;

…a diversity of the environment: my life during the semester brought me all around the region, from a high-tech campus to a national park and a picturesque Rhine-promenade to historic Roman and WWII ruins to such lively cities as Bonn, Köln and Koblenz;

…a diversity of leisure activities: great variety of sports, classical music, theatre, opera, clubs, bars, pubs, public viewings, street carnivals and everything else you can imagine;

…a diversity of languages: here you’re free to choose from courses instructed in German and English, a range of language courses;

…a diversity of food and drinks: the best of German beers or the excellent wine of the ’Rotwein Wanderweg’, a German ’Wurst’, turkish ’Döner’ or Italian pasta;

… and a diversity of my own roles during the semester: a simple student, an ’ambassador’ of my home country, an assistant at the Language/International, an athlete, a traveller, an intercultural researcher…

…so don’t forget, at RheinAhrCampus it’s all up to you!