My Plans after my Bachelor have Changed

My Plans after my Bachelor have Changed

Youngshin from Korea, Winter Semester 2015/16

To live in Europe, it is hard to adapt. When I just arrived Germany, I worried about everything because I have never lived alone nor met foreigners. During my first month in Remagen, I really missed my home and wanted to go back.

But everything went better after I met friends at the campus. Even though I was so shy and could not understand them perfectly, they are so kind and funny. We went to the wine festival together. It was wonderful. There were friends, delicious wine, and fireworks. While watching the fireworks, I prayed that I could make good friends and have a good experience in Remagen.

I fell in love with German cities, especially Cologne. Whenever I see the Cologne Cathedral, it felt so. And in Remagen, we walked along the river. I could have a peace of mind and I can find many answers to solve my problems.

My Korean friends said life as an exchange student is the most valuable experience in your 20’s. It was true! My life as an exchange student is already finished. Time goes too fast! But it’s never finished to keep in touch with other exchange students, and I will study German more, so that I can come back to study my major. My life as an exchange student changed my every plan after bachelor. In Germany I can draw my blueprint again. I realized my possibility. I can go everywhere. And I can make friends always if I have kindness. It is a very important thing that I learned from other exchange students.

We are from different cultures from each other. Spain, Portugal, Korea, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Finland, Lithuania. At first, there was a small conflict with friends. For example, I couldn’t understand their joke. So I felt angry about the words, but it was really just a joke! Now, I think I learned how to understand people from other cultures better.

I can learn this while sharing experiences, food and language! If I have the sincerity to understand and respect their culture, anyone will be good friend.