A Journey of Self-Development

A Journey of Self-Development

Mohammad from Jordan, Winter Semester 2015/16

Since my enrollment in the German Jordanian University in September 2012 it was clear that Germany is a compulsory destination during the fourth year. In Germany, we are obliged to have an exchange semester in one of our partner universities and then undergo an internship in the same field of our specialty. The concept of exposure is lived throughout this experience since students are faced with various challenges and difficulties throughout this exchange year that actually acquaints them with life lessons.

Stereotypes about Germany and the German citizens were vast in my mind. Punctuality, seriousness, and sharp attitude were all traits I thought German people perceive; yet, upon my arrival, the scale was different. I arrived to a city called Sinzig, and there, I was welcomed by an elderly couple with amazing hospitality. The flat that I had rented was equipped with all essentials starting with the kitchen that was not missing anything from sweets and the refrigerator basics, to the state of tidiness the house was offered with. With the days, I was able to practice my German language more frequently which made me speak it confidently and more fluently and also accommodate more to the city that I was living in. Even the neighbors were cooperative. After knowing that I had moved in, I received many invitations to watch soccer games and for poker nights.

A couple of weeks after my arrival, my university here started. At the same time, difficulties and challenges started to occur ever since I have tried to adapt to live separately from the entire crowd and my daily routine activities that I have been living the past 21 years. Moving out was the only option and that was when I went to Bonn. Slowly, things started to improve even though at first I was under the effect of the cultural shock and the decision making process wasn’t functioning properly, hence most of the decisions that I have taken could have been better. Yet, with the cooperation of the Sprachen / Internationales office I was able to stand on my feet again and continue the mission I have came to Germany for; which is presenting my home university with a good image and benefit from the resources in Germany to diversify my knowledge base and even enhance my personal behavior. The concept of equilibrium slowly started to strengthen its presence; I started becoming more productive and efficient, proceeding with a parallel manner with everyone else. I let my guard down and let myself indulge in new experiences and knowledge. Less than a month is left for me to start my new internship with a local logistics company, and the experience that I have gained throughout this semester made me eligible to have a good kickstart.

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