Life-changing decision!

Salome from Georgia, Summer Semester 2022

Hi everyone,

I am Salome, an Erasmus exchange student from Georgia. I have spent two semesters at RheinAhrCampus, and today I will tell you about my life-changing experience during the summer semester.

After spending one semester in Germany as a student and intern for Sprachen/Internationales, I had a chance to prolong my stay for one more semester. It took me time to say "yes" to this challenge. But after measuring all the opportunities that a new semester would bring to me, I decided to stay. In the first semester, I was a guest in Germany, and from the beginning of March, I switched my role and became a host. Most exciting was the process of observing how new internationals were adapting to a new place, culture, and country and helping them throughout this process.

After the first semester, I realized that my time went very fast, and I missed some opportunities. So, for the summer semester, I set a goal to Make the best use of my time. And instead of going home during the winter break, I went to a German language school in Bonn to improve my German competence with intensive 4-hour everyday Classes.

This semester was busy and productive at the same time. As an intern of Sprachen/Internationales, I tried to train my leadership skills. I was involved as a course assistant in organizing a blending intensive week in Izmir. I was working with lecturers from 5 different countries: Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Australia, and Turkey. After offering 2 months of classes to the students we organized an intensive week in Izmir, Turkey. This was an experience I would never forget. During the week we were working on a Turkish Vegan Burger Marketing Strategy. We did market research and marketing strategy for the company. I get to know incredible people and after long working days, we had the best evening full of fun and joy. Should be mentioned that this trip was so inspiring for me that I recorded my first Vlog. This was a new hobby that I always wanted to have.

As an intern, I was also involved to organize the most colorful event an international week at RheinAhrCampus. It was the big international fare where lecturers came from all over the world. We had even guest lecturers from Bhutan. I was representing my home University and trying to convince German students to make their exchange semester in Georgia. The process of organizing such an international and big event is always difficult but the result was totally worth it!!

This semester was more active. As we had lectures on campus and more interactions with local and international students. With an active RheinAhrCampus student life, you as an international student are always welcome to join different events that students are organizing and practice your German with them.

I should mention my last trip with  12 international friends to Spain Barcelona and Valencia. It was the biggest group trip I have been on so far. We visited the most important places in the cities, got closer to Spanish culture, art, and architecture, and enjoyed sunny beaches.

I can say that the decision to stay for the second semester was life-changing for me. I discovered new skills and hobbies. Learned, worked, traveled, and enjoyed each moment. The moment that I am going soon home makes me sad. But I am ready to face new challenges now back in my home country.

Make the best use of your exchange semester!!