Learnt a Lot!

Learnt a Lot!

Nicolas Gabriel from Brazil, Winter Semester 2016/17

Hello everyone,

I’m Nicolas Gabriel from Brazil and I study at Federal University of Campina Grande, but the Winter Semester of 2016 I spend here in Germany as an exchange student at RheinAhrCampus.

I do not have doubt that the last five months were the months that I learnt more in my life, and I’m not talking about learning only business or something like that, I learn too much about everything, from how to greet someone in Germany to the importance of punctuality.

In this five months in Germany, I could improve my English and know other cultures and new people. It was very important for me because I could open my mind and break some stereotypes that I had in my mind before, and talking about stereotypes I just remember our class of Intercultural Communication that we had every Tuesday where we discuss about stereotypes, our cultural shocks and how to overcome it. I believe that it improved us as citizens and humans beings.

At RheinAhrCampus I could work in an International place. That was a big challenge and a big pleasure for me, it’s not every day that you can work with people from more than 5 nationalities, and with them, I could improve so much my work skills because every nationality has a different style of work.

In International Business Simulations we started creating an Erasmus Student Network of our campus and I also work in it as the Head of IT department, and at this time I could work with people from more than 10 nationalities. I’m so grateful for this class because we had the opportunity of learning and build new things for our future exchange students.

With my new friends I could travel in Germany and see big and amazing cities like Berlin, Cologne, Koblenz, Frankfurt, and each city I saw a little piece of Germany that makes this country very beautiful.

I had so many stories and experiences that if I describe here I need write a book, then I only need to say that I’m glad for everything that I experienced during this time and I will never forget this. I would like to say thanks very much for everyone that made my time here amazing , my professors that helped and gave me this opportunity and also to my parents, family and the people in Brazil that helped me for I came here.