Never lose your sense of Wonder!

Subangi from India, Winter Semester 2020/2021

Guten Tag! It is me, Subangi Thirumaran from India. I am an MBA Graduate who came to RheinAhrCampus to discover my true potential and explore Europe. Though the Pandemic did not give me a proper chance to travel Europe, RheinAhrCampus gave me the opportunity to get to know people from different countries all over the world and their cultures.
Before joining RheinAhrCampus, I was a normal person who did not realize the value of being a part of an international network. But after becoming a intern of Sprachen/Internationales, I understood the benefit of having international experience. This is something which you cannot gain by taking a course or by googling. This is something which you should experience on your own and live it.
I knew that the world is huge and it has so many nations and cultures, but I could not imagine that it can be so easy to make friends around the globe. I am 25 years old, and when I think of the number of the international friends I had before coming to RAC, it won’t even exceed the count of 5. Now however, I have around 30 international friends, of different nationalities, from diverse countries. 30 international friends in just 6 months! Isn’t it something more than just cool?
During my exchange semester at RAC, I saw myself developing wider acceptance and understanding towards other cultures and perceptions. It is inevitable that each and every culture differs in a way or another. Everyone has their own view and perception, which is developed primarily based on one’s cultural background. The experiences and the learnings I got from my exchange semester made me more open-minded and flexible. To my surprise, while I respect and accept other cultures, I also started to love and cherish my own culture. I enjoyed sharing the tales and practices of my own culture with my international friends. I can see that they were also open-minded and readily wanted to try some of Indian cultural practices. That is when I realized that the department of Sprachen/Internationales at RheinAhrCampus is educating its students to be more open-minded and flexible. They really have some kind of magic that inspires all the students.  
I became culturally aware and I was able to figure out the similarities and differences between my culture and the other cultures. This became an inevitable part of my daily life in Remagen. And I completely enjoyed doing it. I already knew that, once I went back to India, I would have so much knowledge and experience to share with my fellow Indians.
I admired the people from different nationalities. The way they mingle, the way they meet and greet. It all gave me the warmest welcome into the world of internationalization. I literally felt the spirit of brotherhood with all my international friends. I personally felt that, despite 1000 dissimilarities, each culture and nationality had one thing in common - Humanity!
After my semester at RheinAhrCampus, I realized that the borders of the countries are just mere physical separations and it can never stop us from being internationalized. The more internationalized one gets, the more he/she learns. At the end of my exchange semester, I feel very happy and proud of the progress I made and the learning experiences I had.