Life-Changing Erasmus Experience

Life-Changing Erasmus Experience

Fran from Spain, Summer Semester 2016

If last semester I talked in my experience report about how impressed I was with this University, this semester I have to talk about how unforgettable my experience is going to be after these two semesters in Remagen.

After all my Erasmus friends from last semester left I felt like if a part of me had left with them. I thought this semester was going to be different in a kind of negative way. However, I have to say that it has been different but in the most rewarding way I have never expected.

Everyone in Spain told me that Erasmus must be two semesters. And I totally agree. During my first semester I had to spend a lot of time to adjust: new room, new language, new professors, new culture, new food, new friends… And when I finally got it, everything changed: almost all my Erasmus friends left, I had to change the room, I had to take new courses…

I thought my second semester was going to be like my first semester again: 90% adjusting to the new life. Nevertheless, these “Spring – Summer” months have been exceptional, starting with my roommates. Not living alone in the dorm this semester is one of the best decisions I have made.

If last semester parties and traveling were part of my experience, this time cultural exchange has been part of this experience. Sharing Ramadan with refugees and friends is something that not everyone can experiment in an Erasmus. I couldn’t fast the entire month like them but it is amazing how everyone asked me about my feelings while I was doing it.

This Ramadan experience has been complemented with two big cooking events, where around 60 people could break the fasting together. It made me feel like at Christmas, where all the family eat and spend time together. At these events I didn’t only eat or cook amazing food from all around the world, I also had the chance of knowing some of the refuges who are living in Remagen better.

Of course, my cultural experience this semester is not only focused on these two events. My second semester wouldn’t have been the same without my new little Erasmus family in Remagen. I could have never imagined that Jordan and Spanish DNA are somehow similar. The feeling of family, sharing and hospitality I had with them is incredibly similar to the feeling I have when I am in Spain.

Azerbaijan also took place in my intercultural experience. In the first semester I met Asif, who is one of my best supports here in Germany and I am sure he will continue to be that in the future wherever we are. And this second semester I met Lisa. I have never seen anyone as caring as she is. It is a privilege being with her in her first experience abroad.

I am happy about my decision of coming here. I am happy because I could share my Erasmus life with wonderful people. With a wonderful family. I have laughed and I have learnt with them. I know I will also cry. But this is Erasmus. This is an exchange. And this is growing as a person.