Lucky Lujain

Lucky Lujain

Lujain from Jordan, Summer Semester 2015

I am very lucky that I have taken the choice to do my exchange semester in RheinAhrCampus as it has opened many doors to great things in this part of my life, whether on the educational or social basis. Living in this city, a small cozy city in Germany, has been exceptionally wonderful. This small city has more to it than could be imagined. It made me prefer living in smaller cities as you can have a very simple and more relaxed lifestyle. RheinAhrCampus has many activities, there is always something happening somewhere, and I have been a part of most of them such as the welcoming dinner by the Team of Sprachen/Internationales, the last day of Ramdan Iftar, Barbeques, the International Day where I got to meet and integrate with representatives from around the world and talk about so many topics regarding Jordan, courses, exchange year and so on.

Studying in RheinAhrCampus is a very unique experience where students of different majors integrate in similar courses; being a Biomedical Engineering students having no knowledge in Business I willingly took a few courses in the Business Department and those courses where a great addition to my education and very helpful. They gave me so many insights into the business world and project management especially as those courses are hands-on courses. Also, the biomedical courses I took here were very beneficial as I got to learn more about advancements in this field and details on how it is done. It has also improved my German skills as all my courses of engineering were in the German Language. I also improved my German in the day-to-day interactions.

As the international office here puts a lot of hard work in giving us well organized lecture schedules, I had enough time not only to travel around and explore Germany but also around Europe and I used that opportunity very well and did not miss a chance to travel and explore. I have already been to 4 European countries!

I have met so many amazing people here from those who now I call not only friends but also family and will never forget those wonderful memories and gatherings I shared with. Everything about this place is magical.