Dear Germany, I will come back

Dear Germany, I will come back

Gintare from Lithuania, Summer Semester 2011

I am so glad that I stayed one more semester here! As it turned out, the first semester was just for warming-up… Why am I saying this? Because it’s true! This semester I have done a lot, especially speaking about studies…. In the beginning of the semester I was so busy. I felt a bit stressed (during the examination period in the middle of semester). I spent most of my time at the university during the week (unbelievable!), learning about business management in German.

But actually I can’t complain, everything that I have learned here is going be useful for sure in my future and I am really proud of what I have achieved. Anyway it was so helpful to learn German by being in the class, in fact I am in love with this language…Afterwards I enjoyed being here fully: friends, parties, barbecues, traveling, going to the cinema, sitting by the Rhein, playing basketball. I have also been to Luxemburg, the Netherlands but I love Germany’s cities like Berlin, Cologne, Bonn. Munich I have visited during this semester. There I spent a great time with wonderful people, and I still have to visit Hamburg!

While I am here, even my personality has changed! No worries, in a good way...  I don’t have any more barriers to communicate with foreigners and I became more open compared to the previous semester. In general I became more tolerant and international...

I am thinking more and more how can I continue my internationalization story! Many thanks to the people who made my time here unforgettable! I am sure without them I wouldn’t have enjoyed my stay as much as I did. It’s such a good feeling to go around campus, knowing that you know a lot of the people you see, and also to speak with them...

For sure we will keep in touch and visit each other. All in all: I spent the most beautiful year here, and I can say I am addicted to Germany especially to Rheinland-Pfalz and obvious I am planning to come back (not only for the pool party!). I love the German language and won’t give up until I speak it fluently!

See you…!