Three Reasons Why I would go back to Remagen

Three Reasons Why I would go back to Remagen

Lora Dimitrova from Bulgaria, Summer Semester 2009

My name is Lora Dimitorva and I come form the quite busy capital of Bulgaria - Sofia to the picturesque town of Remagen. It was quite a change for me, but it turned out to be a highly positive one. I had a wonderful time at the Campus, but to be more specific and concise I would like to present you the 3 main reasons why I would go back to Remagen.

First Reason

The RheinAhrCampus itself is a really convincing reason. The campus is only 10 years old, so it's designed to meet the needs of the modern student: PC pools where you can print out everything necessary, "fool-with-books" library, where you can also study, multimedia in every room, which gives you the chance to try out your skills to hold good presentations and more. The professors are devoted to their job, this is why they are willing to help you at any time. They are reachable per e-mail or personal arrangement and will spend their time to be sure that you feel comfortable at the campus. RAC Remagen offers a huge variety of subjects, not only in the field of economics, but also in sports, social services and health care management, bio-mathematics, lasers etc. Moreover you have the opportunity to choose from all the courses only these which you find interesting, because you are an exchange student and this means special!

Second Reason

Remagen is located very strategically. Nearby are Bonn and Cologne - two emblematic German cities full of people and night life, which you can reach free of charge with your "semester ticket". If you want to be more international, you can always get on a plane and in less then 1 hour land in London, Paris, Brussel, Amsterdam or Berlin (yeah, I know it is in Germany, but it is so different...) or any other interesting place in Europe. There are plenty of low cost airlines, which use the Frankfurt/Hahn, Cologne/Bonn Airport and Dortmund airports. For some destinations you can also find good deals by train.

Third Reason

All the different people I met there. Well, this is a really personal reason, but the most important one for me. You can never feel alone there, because most of the students are outgoing and will be glad to go with you to a party, wherever it takes place. I already miss so many people there. In the end it is always hard to say goodbye.

However, your journey called RheinAhrCampus Remagen just begins, and you can be sure it will be a stay to remember.

Enjoy it!