A Polish Student in Germany

A Polish Student in Germany

Paula from Poland, Winter Semester 2013/2014

Coming to the town called Remagen was one of the best decisions in my life. I met lovely people, gained international experience and improved my English & German skills. I really appreciate the lectures I took during my semester. I have learned more about cultural differences and business & intercultural communication. Taking logistics courses in German was a challenge for me, but I did not give up and passed everything successfully.

Being a student of RheinAhrCampus has a lot of advantages. One of them is free travel to Koblenz, Bonn and Köln. You can visit these big cities anytime you want. These are good destinations for a nice evening, shopping as well longer trips.

If you are lucky you are accommodated in the dorm next to campus. It means living in a big, single room with bathroom and kitchenette. You can go out of the dorm five minutes before your lecture and it is more than enough to be there on time.

“Mensa”, this word always makes me smile. Eating a cheap, big and delicious lunch in the canteen makes every RheinAhrCampus student cheerful. During your lunch break you can meet up with all of your friends and spend a lovely break together.

During your stay in Germany do not forget to try Wurst, Flammkuchen, Apfelschorle and Radler. These are the things, which I am going to miss in Poland.