More than studying abroad..!

Aydan from Azerbaijan, Winter Semester 2021/2022

Hi, people!
It is clear to us that once you know what you want, you can design a life and live it deliberately and not live life by default. 
An ERASMUS Exchange semester abroad does not only mean to study in another country, it also means an incomparable intercultural experience. You get the chance to experience a culture from within – a culture that you might have believed to already know. 

If you ask me if there is a moment that surprises you, I can tell you that there are always letters in my mailbox. In Azerbaijan, the digital process is used more in bureaucratic transactions. In Germany, you do many transactions through post offices. I applied for a bank account and went to the bank with an appointment and opened my account. After opening the account, it should not be surprising if you receive separate mails for the card, password, and other documents. These mails can take up to two weeks to arrive. This was something that surprised me and made me wonder why digitalization is not used in these matters.

During my ERASMUS Exchange semester, I had the opportunity to visit many cities in Germany and some European countries. Together with my internship friends, we visited cities in Netherland, France, Prague, and Germany. We had the chance to get to know different cultures. You can also buy tickets at a very affordable price and visit Europe by using applications such as Ryanair, flixbus, and bla-bla car.

I want to write about Paris among the cities I have visited. I can say that it is one of the rare cities worth seeing in every season of the year. Whether you want to enjoy nature in the city's parks in the autumn months or explore the city, which hosts unique events during New Year, from start to finish.

Paris, also known as the City of Lovers, the City of Lights, or the Capital of Romance, is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe! You can shop in the illuminated streets of Paris, visit the city's special museums, explore many historical buildings and spend time in cafes special to Paris. Almost all of the places that can be seen in Paris are also the buildings that are the symbol of the city.

During my Internship experience as an ERASMUS Exchange student, I learned that every company or organization has its own culture. It’s essential to observe others and learn how they engage and interact with co-workers, or help them with projects and tasks. I quickly learned that whenever something is unclear for me, or I don’t understand, it’s fine to ask for clarification.
I would like to thank the RheinAhrCampus family for traveling for 5 months, learning a lot, and having a very good experience about my career. I definitely recommend that everyone should experience ERASMUS. The feeling when you’re about to go on is indescribable because sometimes words aren’t enough: you need to experience it yourself to fully understand and appreciate it. Give yourself the chance to feel that way, because, in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, don’t we?