What we learn becomes a part of who we are

Ketevan from Georgia, Winter Semester 2020/2021

Hello Everyone! I am Ketevan, 21 years old, and an exchange student from Georgia. In my experience report, I want to tell you the story of my semester abroad at RheinAhrCampus. I arrived in Remagen in March 2020, and fortunately, I had a chance to extend my exchange semester and stayed in Germany for another half a year. I have already posted the review about my experience within the first semester and shared most of the things I have done during that time. You can find it among other experience reports. 
My second semester at RheinAhrCampus was a totally different experience for me. In the beginning, I thought it may not be as interesting as the first one, because everything that first usually gives a bigger impression, and later on everything turns more or less into a routine. However, it was not the case for extending the semester abroad at RheinAhrCampus. Obviously, I made friends during my first exchange semester, and spending one year with the ones, who extended their exchange semesters just like me, really made us feel like a family. Manoel from Brazil, Kidis from Albania and Aytaj from Azerbaijan became my best friends during this one amazing year in Remagen.
To start from a summer break at RheinAhrCampus, I still kept myself busy and became a member of the GreenErasmus project. Instead of flying back home, Georgia, I stayed in Remagen and covered a one-month intensive German language course in Bonn. It was a really nice experience as I was able to meet my peers from Bonn and improve my German. It was also the first time in my life that I registered at the gym and started a healthy lifestyle. I have never been to a sauna before, and I found it very relaxing and a great place for self-reflection. 
Later on, as new exchange students arrived from different countries, and as I started covering new interesting courses, the new adventure started for me. I continued my internship at Sprachen/Internationales and attained such new skills as being a team leader and working in a multinational & multicultural atmosphere. I want to highlight the Managing Cultural Diversity workshop where people from all around the world presented their perspectives about Authenticity. These were very productive days and I learned a lot. My team and I held a workshop as well. Regarding my internship, I finally learned how to receive critical feedback and turn it into my strength. I think this is the best way for improving and developing professional skills and personal values.
I want to mention small excursions to nearby located cities as well. I went to Trier and Dusseldorf. Their architecture and castles especially impressed me.
All in all, I am very happy because during my second exchange semester I made lifelong friendships and created unforgettable memories. I discovered new edges of the world and learned myself in a better way. Furthermore, though it was not my first exchange semester abroad and I considered myself as an independent, sociable, open-minded person before, I found out one more time that there are no limitations in personal or professional development. I always have space for learning and becoming a better version of myself.
Sometimes, there are no words to describe feelings. Now when I know that in two days I am leaving this wonderful place and this exciting journey is going to end, I could not express my feelings even if I use all words from any English dictionary. 
Last but not least, I just want to say thank you to all the people, who made my exchange year at RheinAhrCampus, Remagen, Germany, so colorful, adventurous and memorable.

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