Five Words to wrap up my Year in Germany

Five Words to wrap up my Year in Germany

Tehlia from Australia, Summer Semester 2013

Five words to wrap up one year in Germany: Rostbratwurst, Bier, Doner Kebab, adventures and friends for life.

Being an Australian student in Germany I often got the question why I went here instead of staying in Australia with the ocean on my door step. There are many reasons, such as learning and improving my German language and other factors; The coolest German lecturer Dr Borgmann caught my attention back in Australia and this was untimely the reason why I came over…..And honestly this was the best decision I have ever made.

Remagen really feels like home away from home, I cannot even count the activities available to students from Volleyball tournament to dance classes plus free access to the pool every day, Remagen was definitely the place for me. Walking through the beautiful, traditional, culture-rich streets of Remagen you can see why people fall in love with this town, with glimpses of the stunning river Rhine from between the rustic buildings. As I am a surfer and lived near the beach my whole life, it’s nice to know there is some sort of water nearby. Furthermore, there is so much opportunity to travel; living in Germany has given me the chance to visit a long list of countries including the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Luxembourg. I also enjoyed travelling within Germany. Berlin, is an astonishing city that I cannot wait to see again.


In terms of workload and business I think it really depends on what degree you are taking and whether or not you are also doing an internship (Praktikum). Both semesters at RheinAhrCampus were reasonably busy but at the same time not too hectic. It was not difficult to get all the ECTS credits I needed.  Moreover, what I really would recommend is the Intercultural Communication course and International Business Simulations, as they might prove to be helpful in your future (international) career.


Lastly, I would like to emphasise just how amazing the staff are at RheinAhrCampus. This was one the best parts of my stay; I felt that any problem was solvable and that all the lecturers would go out of their way to help. After all those months I’m still amazed about how easy it is to reach lecturers and how fast and effectively they reply.


As my two semesters in Remagen draw to an end, all I can do is smile as I think of what an amazing journey I have had filled with fantastic people, jaw-dropping sights, adventurous escapades to other countries and acquired desired skills and knowledge. All in all my experience in Remagen, my home away from home, was beyond incredible.