Indescribable Experience

Indescribable Experience

Fathi from Jordan, Winter Semester 2017/18

I am a Logistics Student in the German Jordanian University, and as part of my bachelor’s degree I have to do an Exchange year in Germany.

It all began when I was located in Remagen for the first six months and that is when the excitement and nervousness began. When I first arrived to Remagen in September I still didn’t know much about this small city or its people but I was really somehow loving it. The first event we had was the Wine-festival which was really special because I got the chance to meet our beloved Professors and people who are now my closest friends! Also and throughout the orientation week we learned about general laws and regulations whether in or out campus and actually what made this week interesting was knowing more about the German history!

When classes started I personally was enjoying learning methods and techniques since it was so much different I think than the situation in Jordan. Also and throughout classes I have widened my experience and knowledge not only in Logistics but also in the Business sector in general. During my stay in Remagen and my semester in HS Koblenz I learned how to apply my Knowledge and what I know into practice and we had special courses which gave us the chance to simulate our own project which was challenging and exciting at the same time.

Diversity was at its best in my six months; I met people from all over the world and shared moments and laughs, everything we basically did always contained people from all over the world. HS Koblenz also arranged some excursions for international students and we as a group also did our trips which added so much to our memories. Speaking of Diversity we also had a Managing Cultural Diversity seminar which gave us each a glimpse regarding other nations of the world. Like any other experience, our experience in Remagen had its ups and downs and we had faced quite a few challenges in which we all had to help each other and support others whether in our group or outside of it.

Our experience in Remagen was indescribable; it is nothing you can out into words! I had experienced so much during my stay which added to my personal and professional life.

Looking back at the Semester now I am really thankful I’ve been located in Remagen because it basically gave me somethings I can never be more thankful for. This experience had been very generous and hopefully it won’t stop being.