German wine: A taste forever in my heart

Egemen from Azerbaijan, Summer Semester 2023

Hi, I'm Egemen Zafer from the University of Baku in Azerbaijan. Let me tell you about my amazing time in Germany. I arrived in Stuttgart on March 1st and it was my first time in this dreamy country. The journey from Stuttgart to Remagen was like something out of a movie. I loved everything about it: the train, the beautiful nature, the forests, the river, and especially the stunning vineyards. I've always been a big fan of wine, so seeing those green and vibrant vineyards was incredibly enjoyable for me…I'll never forget my time in Remagen and the first impression it left on me. This little town had such friendly people, unlike the busy city I come from. Remagen gave me a sense of peace that I'm always searching for.

Getting to know how Germans live their lives was absolutely amazing for me. It was quite a challenge, but I actually enjoy challenges, so I really liked the experience. It pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things, and I believe it helped me grow as a person. One of the best times ever was when I travelled from one corner of Germany to the other. It felt like a part of me belonged there. The most memorable trip was in Cologne, where I saw a bridge covered in locks. Some people might think locks are a symbol of being locked up, but to me, they represent a sense of freedom and liberation. The Cathedral of Cologne is something I'll always remember. It was dark and filled with mystery, and at night, it looked absolutely stunning, like a place full of amazing maze. I spent most of my time in Bonn, a city that's full of life and colour. There was so much to do and see, like visiting museums, exploring the botanical garden, and enjoying tasty dishes in cafes. It was surprising how much time I ended up spending in Bonn, shopping and simply wandering around, taking in the city's vibrant atmosphere.

I also travelled to countries like Belgium and Luxembourg, and those trips with my friends from all over the world were unforgettable. While traveling, I didn't realize that I was actually growing as a person. I learned so much about the world and different cultures, and I feel like my way of thinking has changed for the better.

For me, the most amazing thing was seeing the Rhine River while drinking wine, especially during beautiful sunsets. I loved the smell of the river while I enjoyed the view. Sadly, everything has an end, including my journey in Remagen and my time along the Rhine River.