A chapter in my life that I will never forget

Rabee from Jordan, Summer Semester 2021

Hello everyone, my name is Rabee Jarrar, and I am from Jordan a small country in the Middle East. I feel very glad to write this short report about my exchange semester at Hochschule Koblenz, RheinAhrCampus, and to share with you this very small, yet very important chapter of my life.

I remember before arriving here in Germany, I was very concerned about my social life and whether or not I will be able to make new friends quickly. I didn’t know how I would integrate into this totally new environment and culture. Most of these concerns were because of the fact that I was living in my comfort zone for the past 4 years. I had a great social life in Jordan with a lot of friends and I rarely spent a whole day at home. I had my own car and study at my university was going great. However, I had very little growth and development. I can sincerely say that after finishing this exchange semester I have experienced growth more than I have ever experienced in my whole 4 years of study in Jordan.

It all started on the 11th of March 2021 when my plane arrived in Frankfurt Germany, I took a train from there to Remagen. However, as a plot twist, I missed the station and I got down to Koblenz. I was in touch with another exchange student from Georgia - his name is Giorgi - because he was supposed to pick me up from the station. I texted him to explain to him what happened and that I would be late. Then, he immediately just took the train and came to pick me up from Koblenz. At that moment, I knew that he was a nice guy, but what I didn’t know was that he would become my roommate and one of my best friends whom I will never forget.

For the first 10 days, I was in self-isolation in my apartment because of COVID regulations. After the quarantine period was over, I have finally met with the other exchange students by the Rhein, we played some games and spent a really good time. Then I don’t remember how exactly it happened, but I remember it happened very quickly, and before any one of us even realized it, we became best friends. We spent almost every day together traveled together to Luxembourg, Amsterdam, and Paris we were very close that it felt like a family. I never imagined that I would find a lot of things in common with people from Greece, Georgia, Albania, and Azerbaijan. It was really hard to finally say Goodbye but I will be forever thankful for this opportunity and for the good memories we had together. Giorgi, Komninos, Nikos, Luka and Natia and all the other students I will never forget our inside jokes and the famous sentence for each one of us.

We will meet again very soon,
Rabee Jarrar