My life in Remagen

My life in Remagen

Walter from Italy , Winter Semester 2018/2019

Hello, my name is Walter Paghera. I am from Brescia, a city in the north of Italy and I spent my Winter semester in Remagen.

Remagen is a small city, but there is a train station and it’s possible to visit the cities nearby like Cologne, Bonn, and Koblenz for free. During my exchange semester, I also visited other countries like France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

Studying at Rheinarhcampus is different from my University. In Italy classes are very theoretical while in Remagen they are more practical and interactive. It also impressed me that at my university in every class there are 200-250 students, instead, here you can find classes in English with a lot smaller number of students.

During my Erasmus I had the opportunity to get closer to German language and culture. I also met new friends from different countries like Spain, Poland, Azerbaijan, Brazil, South Korea, Georgia, and the Netherlands.

The people who work at the International Office at Rheinahrcampus helped me from the beginning and if I needed something they were ready to assist me.

Overall, I would like to thank everybody. I will always remember this experience and all the people I met in Remagen.