A dream Fulfilling Turning Point

Krishna from India, Winter Semester 2023-2024

Hello, dear people,

This is Krishna. As an Erasmus+ exchange student from Pondicherry University, India, I had the opportunity to spend a semester exploring the lovely town of Remagen, Germany. This experience was a dream-fulfilling turning point in my life. I had always dreamt of exploring new cultures and immersing myself in the unique practices of different countries. This exchange program allowed me to fulfil this dream and gain priceless personal and academic development.

My time in Germany was filled with exciting first-time experiences I had always dreamed of. I cherished playing in the snow for the first time and building my own snowman. I also tried my first sandwiches and pizzas, which were quite different from the ones I was familiar with in India. I even dared to try non-alcoholic beer and champagne, which was surprisingly tasty!

My time in Germany also included my first plane journey, an adventure. I was excited to see the world from above and to travel to places I had only watched in movies and cartoons. I also went on several weekend trips to nearby cities, towns, and countries, which allowed me to explore the beautiful world in and around Germany and experience its rich history and culture.

One of the most rewarding elements of my exchange experience was meeting people from many countries over the world. I had the opportunity to interact with students from Albania, South Korea, Georgia, Jordan, Congo, Turkey, Ukraine, Afghanistan and many more countries. This openness to various cultures widened my horizons. It helped me to acquire a more profound knowledge of the world. I got the golden chance to compare my skills and knowledge with these people, which made me understand my improvement points.

While my exchange program was primarily about cultural immersion, it also provided me with valuable academic opportunities. I could take courses not offered at my home university, which allowed me to expand my knowledge and skills. I also had the chance to work with lecturers from other universities during workshops, which helped me to improve teamwork and communication skills. My involvement in the academic internship helped me learn many new skills.

My time in Germany was not just about learning new things; it was also about personal growth. I learned to be more independent and self-reliant as I had to manage my own life and finances. I became more confident in my abilities and learned to step outside my comfort zone.

My exchange experience in Germany has had a profound impact on my life. I have gained a deeper gratitude for cultural diversity and have made lifelong friends worldwide. I have also developed a sense of independence and self-confidence to serve me well in my future endeavours. This is once in a life-time opportunity but waiting for the second one if there's a chance and I am leaving all my hopes on the destiny.