The three main parts of my Erasmus

The three main parts of my Erasmus

Farrukh from the Azerbaijan, Winter Semester 2018/2019

My name is Farrukh. I am from Azerbaijan. I am an Erasmus student at RheinAhrCampus, Germany. I have already studied 5 month. I will never forget this experience. I improved my English a lot, enriched my education, got acquainted to German life style and discipline. This 5 month will be unforgettable for me.

First – Academic experience

Firstly, I want to share my academic experience. I had 12 courses which are generallz very useful such as: Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Communication in Global Work place and others. I especially liked exam methods, for instance individual/group assignments, practical parts on which we went in Paris for Marketing research for example. I also studied how to work as a team member or how to lead a team.

Dr. Borgman, Dr. Shtulb and Dr. Rajah gave me new knowledge and practical experience which I will implement in my future life. To be honest, I knew that this would be difficult to study12 lessons but I believed that this subjects would also be beneficial.

Second – German lifestyle

German discipline and time management were impressive for me. One day I woke up at 06:00am the temperature was -9C and I saw the people going to jobs smiling anyway. At 07:00am I went to the train station. I met that people going to work. They were laughing, joking, eating and this situation gave me very positive energy.

Third- Travel

I travelled with my friend in six countries so we got a lot travel experience from Erasmus. I have memories in my mind about travelling in Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, Rome, Cologne, Bonn. Each of the cities have unforgettable historical sightseeing places. Erasmus offers not only international study programmes but also new environment, new people, new education, new practices.

Do not miss this chance!

I cannot reflect all my feelings here. You need experience it in Germany, which is now possible due to the Erasmus Program.