Life Lessons

Life Lessons

Tamer from Jordan, Winter Semester 2012/2013

I spent the semester from October – February 2012/2013 in Remagen. I had been well prepared in advance of my trip through a preparation week that was held in my home university. However I had another preparation week in RheinAhrCampus and it was very useful.

Upon arrival in Remagen, I realized quickly that everyone did speak German. I remember having my first German lesson in Jordan looking at all the letters and accents and thinking: I will never understand this! However, I quickly and happily realized that the language was not impossible; in fact, it was quite fun to try and master the new language and sounds.

As a culture student, Remagen I think taught me the true extent of culture a city can behold. Every weekend there was always somewhere to go to, something to see and a new bit of German life to experience. Our study in RheinAhrCampus was a very important experience for me.

Having a very helpful staff explain the significance of the campus was very interesting and important to us. They helped us to know the town and the places around.

I have visited nice places using our semester ticket. This opportunity has not just re-enforced my studies, it has given me a new perspective on Europe and the courage to try and learn a language or not to be worried about visiting a place because of any unfamiliarity with the language.

I always felt safe every were I went. It was not only a beautiful city but it was practical in that everything was within walking distance. The public transport was cheap and effective, I also felt that all the staff at the university went above and beyond themselves to make us feel welcome, safe and at home in Remagen. And I did feel at home in Remagen, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and I learnt some life lessons and have some memories that will always stay with me.

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