A Hell of a Year!

A Hell of a Year!

Aya from Jordan, Winter Semester 2014/15

Before arriving to Germany I was very dependent on people; I wasn't even used to tidy up my own room. I used to read a lot about Germany and the experience I’m going to earn when I live there for one year especially when I am living abroad from my friends and family and which characteristics the German people have. When I first arrived there, expressions of intimidation were all over my face and since I could speak German I did not have any trouble in understanding the signs but psychologically I felt a bit lost, started to feel homesick especially because no one was in the dormitory at that time.

A huge difference can be spotted now in me, starting with all the new things that I have learnt, dealing with this multi-cultural society on a daily basis and discovering the interesting German culture more and more. As for the skills that I have developed, I would absolutely agree that I have developed my communication skills due to all the situations I faced with various types of people, not to mention having the skill to be able to adapt with any hurdle I may face. Well, of course my cooking skills got much more better. When I go back home, words will not be able to describe how I felt during this year starting with how my experience in the university was interesting since I learnt new things from the German professors and friendly colleagues and how Remagen is the loveliest and calmest place ever whenever someone is trying to find serenity.

There will always be this one little thing that I can say I loved the most about Remagen, and that is the river Rhine. No matter how many times you have walked alongside the Rhine, you will never grow bored of it, and it will take your breath away every single time. Especially when the weather is nice and it’s summer, it is absolutely wonderful! I am now doing an internship with Continental AG and it is changing me to be a more responsible person. Not to mention how a country like Germany would make you eager to always want to explore more about it and find out how interesting the German people and culture are.

Basically, I can summarize my experience using these 5 words: Mind Blowing, Rewarding, smashing, confusing (sometimes in new situations) and last but not least Unforgettable.