One Semester, THE Semester

“One Semester, THE Semester “

Ibrahim from Jordan, Summer Semester 2017

I came to Germany from Jordan, accounting student at the German Jordanian University, filled up with expectations, hopes, wishes, and fears,Of how this abroad semester would change my life in terms of my career and cultural experiences.

The fantastic experience for me was RheinAhrCampus, coming from a huge atmosphere university in Jordan with thousands of students, studying abroad in a small-family like campus has changed my personality since I arrived to Germany. In the first week, everyone around seemed strange, Erasmus students from different countries, each one of them has a separate way of thinking, separate way of looking at things and several backgrounds, getting in the safe zone was my first reaction, missed my old pals. Integrating with them week by week, in work and in (out-chillings), was the greatest thing ever happened to me this semester, I have learned from them that the world in not only the world you see in your eyes, now, I gained similarities, activities, opinions, I didn’t have before integrating with these guys.

As an academic experience, the most valuable stone I got in my pocket is self-dependability and work, courses at the campus mainly focus on work rather than exams and marks, which is the way I wasn’t used to before coming to RheinAhrCampus, every course at this university really gained me knowledge that I will use in my work rather than just focusing on a final exam, enjoyable work such as planning events, creativity and producing ideas all by yourself, is something for me that was enhanced in RheinAhrCampus.

As for my own cultural experience, travelling around is what will put a smile on my face whenever in years I will remember this semester, coming from a non-European background, I had a lot travelling and exploring to do, starting with Remagen itself, it might be a small city, but with great people around, this small city will be like home after all these memories, and I’m sure whenever I come back again, it’s worth visiting. As a lucky student in Remagen, I was able to travel to Bonn and Cologne two of the biggest cities in Nordrheinwesfalia, mixing the German culture and modern atmosphere is highly placed there. My other experiences was visiting places around Germany, Hessen, Baden württemberg, Bavaria, is a real good plan after a week of hard work, where you can see differences in parts of Germany and the extraordinary landscapes, travelling is the experience, travelling is the change.

Last saying, this was the experience of one of the lucky students who studied at RheinAhrCampus called Ibrahim Awamleh.