Independence and Confidence

Independence and Confidence

Arnoldas from Lithuania, Summer Semester 2016

I have spent two semesters in RheinAhrCampus. Both of them were interesting and funny. Actually, I barely reached the end of the second semester and I could only say that I did not expect before that the time would fly so fast while being in Germany.

Being independent and responsible for your own actions is one of the best things that happened in Germany. When you are at home, you can’t even understand how the independent life looks, especially when everything that you need is put on the plate. But when you go abroad everything totally changes. Firstly, I had to “go out” of my comfort zone and be self independent while taking care of everything, starting from daily, domestic stuff and finishing my studies and so on. Secondly, you become much more self-confident and brave because every day you find out something new. Of course, sometimes it’s challenging because if you used to live calm life, too many events could make you feel confused, but later on you get used to it.

Honestly, these two semesters were totally different for me. If the first (winter) semester I had more free time while hanging out with other exchange students and had so much fun then the summer semester was opposite. I was able to concentrate more on the courses and learned so hard. I had much more courses in the summer semester and the exam period was quite tight. Both semesters were interesting and valuable and I could say that I was able to see Germany as a country through all corners during this year.

During the exchange year that I spent abroad, I also found out more about myself as a human being. I was able to spend more time with myself while thinking about my future and what I want to do when I come back home. During this year I grew up like a person who reached the stability and who defined the future goals. I also got rid of fears such as traveling alone.

I sincerely recommend you to go abroad and expand your view! If you don’t like small cities like Remagen, go to a bigger one! But what I could say about RheinAhrCampus is that because of the small amount of international students, the professors and coordinators from Sprachen/Internationales are willing to help you and give you a piece of advice on your individual cases. You are always welcome to go to them and talk. The team is extremely friendly and always positive!