Plenty of Opportunities

Plenty of Opportunities

Io from Greece, Winter Semester 2011/2012

RheinAhrCampus lies in the town of Remagen. It is a quiet and beautiful place on the bank of the river Rhein. There are many big cities around like Bonn and Cologne. RheinAhrCampus forms a square which gives you the impression of hugging you and involving you in all campus activities. The campus is not big but it attracts many students and it retains an international character. The university offers a wide range of subjects to study and professors are young, enthusiastic and above all, well educated. The international office is a very active part of the university, not only offering internships to students but also organizing international events and workshops.

Germany is a quiet and nice place to live. Everything runs smoothly, public services function well, buses and trains are on time, people are kind and willing to help you. German people respect each other’s private space but when you get to know them well, they are very friendly. Germany lies in central Europe with many interesting cities around like Paris, Amsterdam, Luxemburg and Brussels.

Germany offers education of high quality, its universities being in the top league of European rankings. Furthermore, research is quite developed especially in practice as Germany retains high technological knowledge. As a consequence, it can offer many job and research opportunities, while the rest of Europe suffers from high unemployment.

All in all, my experiences in Germany are quite positive and I would definitely come back. Not only did I get useful knowledge and experience but I also met people from all over the world which was the most valuable gain.