First flight to the future!

Salome from Georgia, Winter Semester 2021/2022

Hello Everyone!

I am Salome, an ERASMUS Exchange student from Georgia. I am studying at Business and Technology University. Currently, I am spending my first ERASMUS Exchange semester at RheinAhrCampus, Remagen, Germany.

Since I entered university, I knew that I wanted an ERASMUS Exchange semester. It was a must experience for me, and here I am at the end of my bachelor's studies, finishing a beautiful winter ERASMUS Exchange semester in Germany. Before that, I have never been to another country and what’s more, I have never had the opportunity to study with an international group. So, I was not sure if I could deal with all of the new things. I was also worried about my English speaking skills, but my mind was open to every new opportunity and challenge.

The first thing that I noticed was a warm Welcome. From Elene, my Georgian friend who was spending her second ERASMUS Exchange semester in Remagen, and Sebi, our German friend in Dusseldorf Airport. They met me and Ani, the second Georgian student whom I flew with, and showed us the way to Remagen.

Here comes the first cultural shock. From the train, I saw a big building which I thought was a house, but then I found out that it was a parking building with 6-7 floors. On the way to Remagen, I was sitting on a train where they first controlled us to show them our student cards as well. The way was full of new information for me. Finally, I came to my new home in Remagen and started to see it as my own one from now on.

On the first days, it was a little bit hard to remember people's names and faces. But after adaptation, we often had parties in Baracka (A student bar in Remagen) or Cologne and Bonn.  The ERASMUS Exchange student experience is really special because of those international gatherings. Once, we also organized a food gathering. Where we tried to present our traditional foods and share recipes. I made a traditional Georgian dish Khinkali. I was teaching Islam from Jordan and Omar how to wrap it correctly. We had so much fun and some damages to it but it was a part of an interesting cultural experience.
An international environment, which at first was scary, became my favorite part of the ERASMUS exchange semester. Excursions, Games, treasure hunts were the highlight of the stay.

Due to the pandemic, all our activities were not so intensive anymore. Winter, cold, and being far from my family sometimes made me nostalgic. However, active daily life and working as an intern for Sprachen/Internacionales made it easier for me.
An ERASMUS exchange semester was a perfect opportunity for me to finally have a chance to explore the European culture and people. I have visited 11 cities in different countries.

Making an ERASMUS Exchange semester was the best decision in my life. I built a lifelong friendship with my international friends, traveled, and explored Europe. I had my magical 22 years birthday and I hope the wishes which I made will come true.  It was a challenge for me to live independently for the first time and be far from my family, but I passed it and now I am proud. I also feel ready for my next international adventure.

If you have a chance to go abroad for an ERASMUS exchange, don’t think too much and just do it!

With kind regards,