Unforgettable Time in Germany

Unforgettable Time in Germany

Arnoldas from Lithuania, Winter Semester 2015/16

I remember when I finally finished packing all my stuff at home and started to wait for the flight to Germany. I did not realize that this one semester abroad will change my future plans and attitude in life. Actually, I did not imagine that I would be able to meet so many different and interesting people in such a short time and could develop my foreign languages skills so efficiently. Honestly, this semester was one of the best experiences during my young life.

Firstly, the most valuable thing for me while I was in Germany was the opportunity to get to know about people from different cultural backgrounds. I met so many different people from more than five countries. At the beginning, it was a little bit strange to communicate with people from pretty much the rest of the world because I was not used to it, coming from such a small but very nice country as Lithuania. I notice how quickly I was able to develop myself while presenting the projects or participating in various discussions with students. Actually, I learned how to communicate with people who are from different cultural backgrounds and how to start or keep the conversations with them efficiently. As a result, being quite an open-minded person helped me to find many friends who helped me to grow as a student as well as a human being. Furthermore, I was able to become more self-confident and sociable during this winter semester.

Secondly, I am pretty satisfied by the quality of the courses and seminars. I consider that the courses were quite nice regarding the flexibility. For example, I really like that we did not have so many exams at the end of the courses but we were able to finish it by writing final essays or presenting the projects. In my opinion, it was better than exams because of the practical knowledge which we were able to gain. For example, my final task during “International Studies II” was to present a PowerPoint project about refugees and to interview them about the integration process in Germany. As a result, I was able to get valuable experiences which I would have never gotten while reading articles or books. Also, professors contributed to the quality of the courses a lot. My coordinator Rashimah Rajah always helped me to solve the problems which were related with studies or my life in Remagen. In general, professors were always willing to help you, give you a piece of advice and to communicate with you about various topics. In addition, I really liked that we discussed a lot during the classes. I strongly recommended “Hochschule Koblenz” for students who like to discuss and exchange their opinions with others during the classes. This university is called “applied sciences” so this is why the developed oral skills are highly appreciated here.

Thirdly, I lived in the perfect place which is called Remagen! Remagen is really beautiful! I really like traditional German houses and the river “Rhein” in Remagen. I always took the seat close to the Rhine River and observe the beautiful view of Remagen in the evenings. Also, during my 6 months here I found places which I grew frond such as the bakery in the city center (I always went in the morning to drink coffee and eat a piece of cake there). Moreover, Remagen is situated in a perfect place for people who like to travel. This city is close to Bonn (the former capital of the federal Germany) and Cologne which is famous for its history and the Cathedral. Moreover, Remagen is close to Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland. For example, to reach Brussels it takes around 4 hours by train. So, if you are fond of travelling you will not be disappointed being in Remagen.

Thus, I strongly recommend this university for people who want to get valuable knowledge and who want to feel how the life in Germany looks inside!