The Remagen Life

Faris from Jordan, Summer Semester 2022

Hello everyone, my name is Faris, and I am a Jordanian exchange student studying Logistics.

I want to share my experience with open heart. Before coming here never have I thought that I would learn all the things I did within this short period of time. It all started when I arrived at Cologne Airport and my study buddy Lorena picked me up and helped me with everything even giving me a tape to put my name on my mailbox. I arrived at night, so I didn’t see the famous Rhine everyone talked about, but the next morning I went to see it and it was breathtaking. Ever since I saw the Rhine I knew I can call this home. I was stressing a bit about settling in but the staff at RheinahrCampus were very friendly especially Selsela who helped me do everything such as going to the Rathaus and opening a bank account.

The orientation week was fun, I met different staff members and even had lunch with them but most importantly met the other international students who helped me have fun during the semester. Remagen is amazing, it has everything you look for, the Rhine itself is enough and most importantly the people there are very friendly and its very safe. What helped the most was Remagen’s location as its near two beautiful cities Bonn and Cologne. You can experience the full student life there as these cities offer many activities to do as a student. I travelled around Germany and even watched a game for my favorite football team in Germany (Bayern – Munich) and I even met one of their players in the street, it was amazing I was starstruck. The things you can do here are limitless but most importantly the personal development this experience gives you is once in a lifetime chance. Living alone and depending on yourself will be hard but once you get the hang of it, it will feel great. I never expected to love another city other than Amman which is my home, but now Remagen is there next to it. I hope everyone can have the same experience I had with this wonderful city.

Will always be thankful to RheinahrCampus for giving met this chance.

Faris Jweihan