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RheinAhrCampus students abroad

RheinAhrCampus encourages students to internationalise their studies.  Students can choose from a wide range of formats, including excursions, summer schools, internships and study abroad projects. Full support is provided by our Team Languages/International Affairs. Please contact the team for more information about any aspect that is not covered in the respective sections of our website.

You ...
... want to study at one of our Partner Universities?

... are planning your internship abroad?

... are looking for a program that offers language courses during summer break?

Get information ...
... about our Partner Universities.

... about internship opportunities.

... about the international activities of our students (newspaper article in German). 


After making precise plans and gathering information, you can drop in at Sprachen/Internationales and discuss further steps with us. Your commitment and plans and our knowledge about the opportunities will help to send you abroad.

Get an insight ...

Have a look at some blogs of our "outgoing students" and find out how they prepared their stays and enjoyed their experiences abroad


... blog by Anna-Lena Theisen at Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India

... blog by Patricia Mueller at University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

Use your opportunities!!!

You find the Sprachen/Internationales Office in Room A 008.

Or make an appointment with Dr. Laurent Borgmann, Andreas Faulstich or Barbara Neukirchen.