Peaceful Remagen - I Will Stay a Second Semester

Peaceful Remagen - I Will Stay a Second Semester

Hyeju from South Korea, Winter Semester 2016/17

Rhine flows calmly and houses are gathered around the river outside. Nächste Station Remagen”. Hearing the announcement in the train I get off at the station. Clean nature, varied shapes and color of houses, quiet and peaceful atmosphere. This is the beautiful city Remagen where I have lived since last September. When I just arrived here I was excited but also very nervous that I should adjust to different environments and meet new people separated from my city, my family and friends. However my worry did not last that long. I got attracted to this city quickly. Cute stores are gathered around the station and colorful houses are in harmony with nature. Also people were very open minded and treated me very kindly without any prejudice.

After the semester started, it was even more exciting. It was my first time to meet people from such diverse countries (Brazil, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Jordan, Denmark, Lithuania, and Spain). At first, because I was not so used to hanging out with foreign friends and talking in English, I was very worried that I could not get close to other students. However, it was not a big problem. We tried to listen carefully to each other and kept conversation. I met very good friends here and I am so sad that we have to say goodbye when we go back to each other’s home country. However I want to keep in touch with them and of course we can.

During one semester here in Remagen, I have had so many experiences that I had never gotten in Korea. I took International Business Simulation course, where I created real events with other colleagues. Through this course I have improved cooperative spirit with people from different backgrounds. Also I made a lot of travel around Europe by myself and got to have an independent mind. Even though I have stayed here just about 6 months, I think I have grown up a lot.

I decided to extend my stay by one more semester here. Of course, there were some moments where I missed my family and friends in Korea, I think there are still many things that I have to learn here. I want to study German more deeply and take more kinds of courses here. I am very excited about how nice next semester would be!