A Journey of Cultural Exchange and Growth

Yuliia from Ukraine, Winter Semester 2023/2024

Hello! My name is Yuliia Dombrovska, and I'm from Ukraine. This is my second semester in Germany at the RheinAhrCampus. It's pretty interesting to reflect and compare myself now to a year ago. The year spent in Remagen studying at this university has given me a lot. I can say it was one of the brightest and best periods. Looking back, I can say that this semester has changed me, I've grown, learned a lot, and acquired many new skills. This semester also brought me many new friends. Friends from other countries are not just new people, but also new connections, and a new understanding of each nation's culture, traditions, and peculiarities.

I fondly remember our conversations about everything under the sun. Starting from different educational programs in our countries to different political systems and religious differences and peculiarities. Traveling is an integral part of my life. With friends from Albania this semester, we managed to see German Düsseldorf and Munich, enjoy magnificent Berlin, and admire the beauty of the Austrian Alps in Salzburg. It's warm and pleasant to recall all our conversations, excursions, photos, and time spent together. On the one hand, we are very different, but on the other hand, very similar. This once again proves the importance of intercultural communication throughout education. One of the unique features of Erasmus is the opportunity to communicate with various people, thereby enriching and broadening one's horizons.

In the second semester, I was also an intern in the university's Languages / International Affairs department. It was truly an interesting and different experience compared to the first semester. Firstly, my work was more focused on leading projects rather than just being a part of them. That`s why I developed my leadership skills. Working with various teams with different people each time trained leadership skills, and the ability to work with distinctive people in a team, and once again emphasized the importance of being able to negotiate and seek consensus. This semester, we were also involved in organizing one of the university's largest events, the ECD Seminar. On the one hand, it was exciting and responsible, and on the other hand, it was proud to take part not only directly as a participant but also as an organizer of the seminar. People from different countries with vast experience and diverse knowledge immersed themselves in the atmosphere of international seminars, communication, and exchange of ideas for three days. The most pleasant part was receiving hundreds of compliments for a job well done.

Overall, as I've already mentioned, it was a very eventful year of my life. It gave me many people whom I can confidently call my friends, despite the distance and different languages. It made me understand that everything is possible! You just need to put in a little effort. It proved that fate smiles only to truly persistent people! RAC, you were awesome! Not goodbye but see you soon.