Navigating new horizons: My student journey in Germany

Janani from India, Summer Semester 2023

Hello People,
As a student hailing from India, I embarked on an incredible adventure by participating in an exchange semester in the quaint town of Remagen, Germany. My name is Janani S.B, and I was fortunate to immerse myself in a vibrant cultural experience while pursuing my academic goals. I am pursuing my Master’s in the stream of Business Administration in my home university (Pondicherry University).

In this student blog, I am going to share my experience during my exchange semester in RheinAhrCampus. I was perplexed, when my home university offered a study abroad opportunity. But, I was sure that if I study a semester abroad I would choose Germany. Though, I had mixed emotions in the beginning and I know this is a rare opportunity for me as I was doing my last year in my master’s degree. I felt travelling and exploring the world as a student will be absolutely a different experience and I want to experience that.

In RAC, I had an opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world like Albania, Bhutan, Canada, Greece, Ukraine, Australia and many more. From them, I came to know about their culture, cuisines and lifestyle. I had an opportunity to know their perspective and their opinions. I also learnt a lot from my international friends and during my Academic Internship. Personally, I realized how strong I am.

I also had the opportunity to pitch an idea to a Turkish company, in my B25.05 Asia course. I worked in a completely diverse group and my teammates are from other partner universities of RAC. I spent nine days in Turkey which was absolutely incredible.

Beyond academics, Remagen offered a myriad of opportunities to explore German culture. I participated in traditional festivals, tasted authentic cuisine, and discovered hidden gems nestled within the town. These experiences enabled me to forge lasting friendships with both locals and fellow exchange students from around the world.

My time in RAC has been an enriching chapter in my life, providing me with invaluable insights, personal growth, and a greater appreciation for cultural diversity. The memories I made and the lessons I learned will undoubtedly shape my future endeavours. After going to India, I would definitely miss the Rhine river and Remagen. Remagen will always be close to my heart.



Janani's exchange experience - Watch this video summary!