An Experience Everybody Should Have

An Experience Everybody Should Have

Gabriella from Hungary, Winter Semester 2011/2012

Studying abroad was always very important for me during my studies. So I decided to go to study abroad, I thought this is a good chance that I can test myself in a new field, in a new atmosphere and I wanted to improve my language skills, German and English. RheinAhrCampus occurred to be a very well organized place and the people from the international office were very helpful from the very beginning, supportive in all. Early in September I arrived in Remagen. This was my first time visiting Germany. I studied this winter semester here in Remagen. The major that I chose was E-Business and Logistics. I think it was great to be an Erasmus student here, because there weren’t a lot of foreign students at the university, thus everybody knew that I came from Hungary. From the very first day everybody was helpful and friendly to me. I lived in the student residence and I thought that was the right decision. This was the first time that I lived alone, but I really enjoyed it. Other people in the student residence were very sociable and we had a lot of fun together. We organized excursions (I love the cities here, like Koblenz, Bonn and Köln, Frankfurt, Aachen) and every week there was a party in the lounge.

To sum up I would like to add that I have managed to improve my skills in many different ways. On the one hand this semester was a big challenge for me, but on the other hand it was a very valuable experience. After half a year of living abroad I have improved in many ways. Of course I really enjoyed meeting German and foreign people too who quickly became my friends. And last but not least I enjoyed Remagen life! This is a very nice university, where the international office takes care of all exchange students. Remagen is a very nice town. The Erasmus life means a great experience, which everybody should have!


Bis später,

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