A heart-filled adventure

Mathumita from India, Winter semester 2022/2023

Hello friends,

My name is Mathumitha, and I am from Pondicherry, India. I am pursuing a master’s in business administration at Pondicherry University. In this blog, I am going to share my experience during my exchange semester at RAC. Though I was quite confused in the beginning, I would say this is one of the best decisions of my life. Erasmus + exchange semester gave me an opportunity to discover myself.  When this opportunity was announced by my home university, I was really confused about whether to take it or not. But I was certain of one thing: I would regret missing out on such a magnificent opportunity in the future which motivated me to take a step forward.

 I would say this experience is the best phase of my life. Though it was mixed emotions in the beginning, I never thought that this opportunity would give me this much chance to explore the world, by the word 'world' I mean meeting students from different countries and knowing their cultures. Before coming to RAC, I never knew the culture of Italy, Spain, Georgia, America, and so on. It was a great experience to meet students from all over the world and to know their perspectives and opinions. 
This experience combined my passion for travel with study opportunities. Traveling around Europe, and trying different cuisines has become my hobby in the last four months. I traveled to more than 8 countries in the European Union and loved to meet new people during every trip. 

Apart from all the travel exposure, this experience made me realize how strong I am. Being away from family and friends pushed me to become independent and made me self-reliant in a short time. Living on my own in a real apartment building has been quite an experience. I've had to buy my own groceries, cook my own food, clean all the time, etc It prepared me for my future. I've overcome my fears and have learned to handle situations maturely. I never knew whether I will get a chance like this again but memories of Germany will always be cherished in my life